Women see high-heeled shoes from different perspectives – some, the scary side, and some, the saucy side. But one thing is sure: they're all-time trends that don't seem to fade away anytime soon.

If you’re in the market for shoes with high heels—perhaps to elevate your look or boost your height—but you don't know what to choose, we're glad to tell you they're among the best shoes that should rank high in your choice of wardrobe. And right here are the 10 fascinating types of high heels every woman should own. I mean “classic ladies”.

1) Pump heels

Right of the bat, every classic lady out there should own at least a pair of Women's pump heels. They rank high among the all-time trendy types of high heels you'll find today.

Whether with block or stiletto type of heel, pump heels are ever elegant and a perfect match for your unending nine-to-five jobs outfits, casual outfits, and practically many others.

2) Stiletto heels

If you’re looking for the highest and probably the sexiest type of high heels available, they’re called the Stiletto heels. Named after the stiletto dagger, you’ll find stiletto shoes with a long, thin, and high heel that distinguishes them from others.

Though their heels can vary in height depending on how you want them, you won't find a stiletto heel less than 2-3 inches tall. And they can go as high as 12-inches or more, though you wouldn’t want to wear something as tall as that.

And while they come in elegant designs and offer a sophisticated look for anyone who wears them, one thing is certain about stiletto heels: they aren't for the faint-hearted.

3) Wedge heels

A couple of types of high heels gives you the elevated look you’ve always wanted while still prioritizing your comfort and safety. And guess what? Wedge heels take that further.

With what looks like a block staircase, wedge heels come with sturdy, flushed soles and heels, making them easier to walk in than many other types of high heels.

They probably are not the most stylish heels available in 2021, but a must-have for anyone looking for comfort.  

4) Ankle strap heels

As their name suggests, ankle strap heels are just like any other type of heel with straps fastened around your ankle for extended support.

They may come in various designs, heights, and heel types like stilettoes, platforms, blocks, etc. But their most distinguishable characteristic is the added straps for extra security.

5) Platform heels

Like other types of platform shoes, you can identify platform heels easily with their thick soles. You’ll usually find them with thin, long heels. But their thick sole—where the front of your foot rests—compensate for the high heel, making it more comfortable than many types of high heels available.

A tall shoe – say the stiletto – with weak platform can the uneasy to walk in. That’s where the platform heels comes in to help you play it safe.

6) Peep-toe heels

Most shoes are named after their looks, and peep-toe heels are not exceptional. They come in a variety of designs and build you can choose depending on the outfit and occasion, but one thing is constant about peep-toe heels: they have a small opening in the front that allows you to showcase your beautiful toes.

So, if you’ve always wanted to showcase your aesthetic, colourful toes, but the other shoes are limiting you, it's time to add a peep toe heel to your wardrobe.

You can compare them with open-toe heels, but they have a significantly smaller opening that makes them worthy of being called "peep-toe" heels.

7) Mule heels

Coming without sling backs or traps, mule heels are a staple for every adorable woman who wants to look chic and steal the show! Their open backs make them one of the must-have types of high heels for summer.

More so, they can be the most easy-to-wear type of high heels available—just slide in your legs, and you're good to go.

8) Open-toe heels

Unlike peep-toes, open toe heels have wider openings on the front that allows you to showcase not just some of your toes but all of them, and some flesh.

They usually come with straps or sling backs, though they don’t have to. But one thing is you can’t go wrong with whatever open-toe style you chose to wear.

9) High heeled boots

Boots are a staple for every lady’s wardrobe. They give you an elevated look while keeping your feet warm and healthy throughout the winter.

There are already numerous types of boots out there. But in this context, high-heeled boots are a must-have.

10) Block heels

After all, heels aren’t meant to be stressful or built to ruin your day. And if you're in for comfort while showcasing your sophisticated dress with your favorite pair of high-heeled shoes, then it should be block heels.

Unlike stilettos, block heels feature broad bases with moderate heights, providing you with adequate support to balance on the ground. Other than that, block heels reduce the strain on your feet while helping you maintain the perfect height you needed in the first place.

If you have problems wearing high-heeled shoes because they cause fatigue at the end of your outing, you definitely should try out block heels.

Conclusively, you can't own enough elegant high-heeled shoes in your closet. And besides boosting your height, making you comfy, and giving you better walk, high heels are a perfect shoe to match your outfit, inconsiderate of the occasion.

For a boost in height, go for a pair of your favourites stilettos. And for more comfort, safety, and balance, a pair of wedge heels, block heels, or even a platform should do. In whatever high heel style you're going for, always remind yourself to prioritize your comfort over every other thing.


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