Summer is here, which means it’s time to start getting our wardrobes in order. The shoes are the foundation of our personalities, and they can’t be neglected at all. It would be best if you look stylish but comfortable at the same time because we don’t want you to have sweaty and warm feet only to look great.

There are some shoes you need to own to cover your summer look. You'll be ready for everything from a beach day to a summer wedding. So we will be discussed the top trending men’s summer shoes that every man should have in his closet. So without any further delay, let’s get straight into it.

1.Slip-on Shoes

Men’s summer slip-on shoes are always the best choice, especially during this summer’s heat wave. They are highly breathable and will keep your feet cooler from inside. Get yourself a neutral-colored or a white slip-on that can go best with trousers and casual shirts. You can also choose from other colors like navy, grey or black.

Material is also important when choosing for the shoe for summer season. Suede is more breathable and softer than traditional leather.


Men’s summer sneaker is the essential shoes that every man should own this summer. It is best to grab these sneakers when you are just throwing on shorts and a tee. You can also wear them with a casual suit or ripped jeans with a blazer.

 Straight dress pants with collared shirts will also look great with sneakers. You can wear them with ankle summer socks or no socks at all. This summer shoe is the best companion for your off days. You will feel light and breathable in summer sneakers.


If you need to attend a summer wedding or dress up formally for any other accession then try dress shoes for the summer season. You don’t need to wear oxfords and derbies at formal events. The most summery option for the dress shoes is loafers, and you can choose from many options and styles available in this category.

Tasseled or classic penny loafers are the most recommended men’s summer loafers because you can style them up with suits. You can also pair them with chinos, shorts, and a polo for a casual look. They are seasonally appropriate and give the best summer vibe.

 4.Casual Summer Shoes

When talking about summer shoes, they must have a smaller profile because bulky shoes with shorts are not a good option to carry with style. Whether you are going for loafers, slippers, or canvas shoes, always go for the sleek designs that don’t add too much bulk down your foot.

Sliders, boat shoes, and desert boat are good options to have as casual summer shoes for men. Boat shoes originally had groovy soles but later on, upgraded to rubber. They are suitable for business casual meetings and can wear with a button-up shirt, sports coat, and denim.  You can also dress it down with a tee for more casual days.

Boat shoes can be found in different styles and colors. Traditional boat shoes have laces, and stitched moc-toe Suede material is most suitable in this heat wave.

5.Mock shoes

The mock shoes are other recommended shoes for summer because of their flexibility, style, and comfort level. They can give you a super classy but casual look. These shoes work great with chinos, shorts, and jeans.

They are available in lace and non-lace versions. These shoes also come in any color imaginable, from light to dark colors. If you have a date and want to impress your girl, they can look great with your casual, funky style. The material of the mock shoe is leather and suede, but as discussed before, suede is best for summer.

6.Mexican Sandals

Mexican sandals are designed to be durable and breathable for hot crazy days of summer. These sandals are making a successful comeback in the younger generation. They were initially made for farmers to help them in the summer heat, but they later got hit in modern fashion styles.

Rubber and strap sandals are also famous in the summer season, and they look perfect with shorts, tee, and beach look.  A dark cotton trousers or shorts with a printed shirt paired up with dark brown sandals are best for dinners.


If you are not a sandal person, another stylish option is available known as espadrilles. This sophisticated canvas-like shoe is best for your summer vacations and bar. They are present in different materials.

Shorts are best with these shoes but you can wear chinos as well. Collared or linen shirts will complete your look gracefully. If you want to wear socks with them, make sure the socks are not seen. Top up your sexy beach look with sunglasses and a hat.

Final Words

This is all for today on comprehensive guides about summer shoes for men. A sneaker, loafer, casual and dress shoes, and sandals are enough for the whole summer season. They will complete your look from casual off days to formal wedding events.

The overall vibe in the summer is mostly casual at all places, and shoes, as above-mentioned, are the best summer shoes for men that we strongly suggest having in your closet. These shoes will give you a classy, relaxed, and airy feel and can look great with any summer attire.

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