Top Trending Summer Sandals In 2022

Top Trending Summer Sandals In 2022

Sandals are the perfect choices during summer, and it is time to ditch your winter boots. In recent days, sandals are in trend more than the open toe heels and stilettos, especially in the warmer months. There is no compromise of comfort while wearing sandals, and at the same time, you can choose from a variety of sandal styles for your next trip. We have consolidated the best trending sandals here, so do not miss out on reading below.


Gladiator sandals are the rocking shoes, and it is one of the top trends of the year 2022. You can go for classic style gladiator sandals to look ultra-modern in your outfits. Moreover, if you like to add sexy appeal, you can go for gladiator sandals with straps around the legs. In addition to this, kitten heels added to the gladiator sandal enhance the overall look. Nothing is stopping you to get a crystal pair of statement sandals to look like a ravishing beauty.

If you are aiming for a subtle look, you can wear leather gladiator sandals. If desired, these sandals can add a dramatic look to your appearance. By wearing these sandals, you do not want to worry about slips while running and dancing. The best thing about these sandals is you can easily pair these sandals for wedding parties and hangouts. Not to mention, it adds a sexiness to your look.


If you are looking for an elegant sandal, purchase a pair of mules shoes. These are ideal shoe choices for your friend’s birthday party and several casual occasions. You can opt for kitten-heeled mules, so you can either dress up or down depending on your preference.

Moreover, you can also prefer open-toe mules during summer, and you don’t want to miss these trending shoes for the summer holidays. These mules can be paired with trousers, skirts, or dresses but ensure you play with matching colors while pairing your outfits. And there is no way back for any other shoe since it is a treat to your feet. 


Who doesn’t like to wear stylish sandals to match their summer outfit? Nothing gives the best comfort of wearing sandals, especially during a busy day. To mention on-trend sandals of the year, we can start with Fisherman Sandals which are known as dad shoes. These fisherman sandals are available in various materials, patterns and prices. Indeed these sandals are a must-have in your wardrobe to enjoy your cozy beach trips. You do not want to worry about matching the Fisherman sandals with your outfits since these sandals can be easily paired with all attires from midi dress to shorts. 


The logo slides never go out of trend, and what can be the best option other than slides for your trip. While talking about trending sandals, logo slides are the popular choice to add colors to your look. You can find the slides in various styles, monograms and designs. Also, you can get the sandals in your preferred budget, and it is a must-have shoe in every women’s closet. You can pair your logo slides with random outfits to match your style. These shoes are ready to go ones; when your feet want to relax during your long vacation. 


If you like to wear sandals, choose some vibrant colors to add interest to your look. Do not hesitate to get summer color sandals which are on-trend of the year. Moreover, if you need some suggestions, go for bright yellow, sea blue and vibrant pink sandals to pair with your miniskirts. While choosing colors, you can go for the color that works for most of your outfits, so never take a quick glance at your wardrobe before buying.

When getting a pair of sandals, invest in good quality ones since these shoes need to last for the entire summer. Moreover, you can pair your sandals with various outfits such as dresses, skirts, maxis, shorts and denim jeans. You can never go wrong in choosing the bright color sandals in the summer and check for various patterns like polka dots, stripes and different prints. You deserve a good pair of statement sandals this summer to look classy. 


Why settle for regular flip flops when you have the chance to get quirky flip flop sandals? Flip flops are unique sandals, and it is in trend for a few decades. Elevated flip flops are the heels added shoes that are extremely cozy for women. If you are the one who likes to go for a beach walk, grab a flip flop, and you will absolutely have the snug feel. You can pair your heeled flip flops with any of your casual outfits. Even in your baggy clothes, you can elevate your appearance by wearing stylish flop sandals. 



Sandals are effortless shoe choices for every woman, and they are ready to go footwear for summer. One shouldn’t miss enjoying wearing cozy sandals during warmer seasons since it is time to show off your feet after wearing winter boots. Check for various sandals based on your needs and liking so you can show off your style by matching them with your cool outfit. Grab a few pairs of sandals this summer, and it's worth purchasing since you will completely fall in love with the overall feel and appeal. 



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