What comes to your mind when you think of women’s slippers? Your regular bathroom slippers? You’ll also think of flip-flops and slip-on slippers, but they’re more than that. If you're shopping and don't know what are the best slippers for lades that will suit the needs, we're here to help you; and here are the best slippers for women and their various use cases.

No, you don't want to get house slippers if you intend to wear them on errands more often; that won’t work. Here’s your go-to guide for getting the perfect pairs of slippers that meets your typical use cases.

10 best slippers for ladies

There's nothing as refreshing as taking off those high heels and dipping your feet into a pair of comfy slippers. Once the party is over, here are the best types of slippers to log in your feet into relaxation mode. They're a couple of ones you can wear at home as well as outside.

1. Flip flop slippers.

Yes, flip-flops for women are one of the most popular sippers out there. They serve as a companion when you need something to keep your feet toasty when the warm climate is here.

Flip-flop slippers are simple, coming with flat soles to protect the bottom of your feet and Y-shaped thongs to hold the top of your feet. With that, you don't have to worry about the scorching heat of the summer.

Besides that, flip-flops can serve as your typical bathroom slippers, footwear for doing chores, or something you wear to a nearby grocery store.

2. Arch support slippers

We usually think of slippers as a kind of footwear with flat soles. And while that’s true, some are made to give extra arch support while still maintaining the characteristics of a slipper.

If you’re not very comfortable wearing flat slippers, get ones with arch support. They’ll keep your feet balanced, providing a superior walking experience, even if your home is full of tough floors.

3. House slippers

We can classify slippers into two categories: indoor slippers and outdoor slippers. Yes, you guessed right, house slippers are simply slippers for home and not meant to be worn outside unless you want to ruin them.

House slippers can be many types of slippers for ladies, but one thing common about them is their soft soles. I mean soft to the extent that you feel you’re walking on a cushion when you put them on. You’ll find them with soft materials like foam, fluff, and others.

Their major asset is to supply much comfort for your feet and keep them at the perfect temperature. Because of the nature of their soles, it's not advisable to wear house slippers outdoors, or it won't last.

4. Cork slippers

You can easily recognize these types of women's slippers by their sustainable cork midsoles. And while that offers enough comfort already, you’ll still find them with cozy and warm insoles for extra feet support.

Cork slippers are durable and fit for indoor and outdoor usage, thanks to their thick cork midsole. They can come in many distinctive designs ranging from ones covering the top of your feet to ones exposing them.

5. Moccasins

Thinking of nice, comfy slippers to wear with your pajamas and leggings around the house? We’ve got a perfect pair for you: the moccasins slippers.

Even with that, they’re not meant for indoor use only; you can wear them on a more serious occasion, making them one of the most versatile slippers around.

Moccasin slippers come with cushioning materials to keep your feet comfortable, warm, and dry. Plus, they are available in assorted designs covering suede and leather.

6. Slip-on slippers

You read that name, right?

Yes, their ability to slip on and off quickly makes them one of the most comfortable types of slippers for ladies. You can quickly insert your foot and get going, making no adjustments with your hand. And when you're back, pulling them off your feet is just as easy as it can.

That asides, slip-on slippers appear in diverse designs and colors with patterns that make them a perfect match for most outfits. And unlike many others, slip-on slippers usually come with a thicker sole, making them a splendid bridge between the outside and outside slippers.  

7. Outside slippers

The easiest way to recognize outside slippers is with their thick sole. They usually come with thicker soles to ensure they have good traction and don't wear out quickly.

In contrast to house slippers, outside slippers are built for outdoor usage. Think of them when you need to walk the dog, get something at the nearby grocery store, or maybe when you’re off to the beach.

You’ll also find them in various styles and designs that best complement your look. But ensure that whatever you’re getting comes with soles with good traction. You can’t afford to slip off the floor when you go outside.

Well, if you ask me, "what're the best slippers for women?" my response would be a combination of both outside and house slippers. Get both so you can switch when needed.

8. Clog

Clogs are closed-toed slippers without backs. Because of their traditionally thick soles, clogs can serve as house slippers and outdoor slippers.

Coming with comfy materials like soft faux fur lining, moccasin will keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable all through. You'll also find them in different materials but mostly in suede style. Plus, moccasins make a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor usage, not to mention the varieties of colors and designs available to choose from.

9. Sheepskin & faux fur slippers

While slippers are generally comfortable, ones made with sheepskin & faux fur materials take the comfort up a notch. They’re very soft, hence providing great cushioning when you walk in them. And in addition to that, they offer other benefits:

  • They’ll keep your feet warm, dry and prevent them from breaking a sweat.
  • Because they disallow your feet from sweating, they’re also odor-free. Say goodbye to stinking and smelling feet.

More so, they’re a type of women’s slippers you can wear to keep your feet warm during winter. You should have at least one pair of sheepskin slippers.

10. Mules & Backless loafer shoes

Mules and women’s backless shoes have gained popularity for some years now. They might be the best choice available when styling casual outfits without wearing regular shoes or heels.

From the front, they look like regular shoes. Nonetheless, they're backless and easy to slip on and off. Plus, they make more sense than the traditional slippers when dressing for various occasions, like partying, working, dating, shopping, etc.

You’ll find them in a plethora of builds, materials, and designs, depending on what message you want to pass across.


The best slippers for women are a combination of both outside and house slippers. You need both so you can quickly change them when you're back from running an errand and going inside for a refreshing time.

More so, slippers are available to give you peace of mind and keep your feet at rest. So, going for the most comfortable options available can be a great asset. When it's time to add a new pair of slippers to your collections, here are some of the good ones available.  


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    I was able to try the Women’s Orthotic House Slippers with arch support and memory foam. soft and comfy, size fits perfectly , comfortable to walk on, its perfect

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