Everyone wants to impress their partner on a first date, but if you could spend some time getting prepared, you can make the date evening even more special. 

Now, let's learn the tricks of dressing styles for men to win over the date. 

1) White Outfit look  

 White shirts are classy looking for men, and they can effortlessly elevate your look without adding any extra elements to your attire. A white shirt can go well with any distressed jeans, but you should not make your outfit baggy. If you think about how to dress for a date for men, you can choose skinny jeans and black sneakers to match your outfits. Moreover, you can also wear ripped jeans with a shirt, and you will be all set to go for a dinner date. 

2) Subtle prints look

For a great date time, you can choose a subtle print dress with less fancy colors. Generally, you can flaunt prints with half sleeve shirt and a pair of chinos to match with oxfords. Especially- if you are travelling to a music festival, choose a printed shirt, loose shorts and your best pair of sneakers to woo her in your outfit.  

3) Black outfit look

Black is the best classic color in everyone’s wardrobe. And if you still confused on how to dress for a date for men, you can wear a black color outfit but always keep things monotone. You can go for a casual tee to pair with a denim jacket and black skinny jeans. Moreover, leather jackets can be matched with a black tee and sneakers for a charming look on your date. 

4) Suit look 

Not only the casual outfits can help you look great, but semi causal outfits can also do the job. Choose to wear an undershirt in neutral colors under your blue suit. And this suit can be used for any formal events too. Moreover, you can wear a blue suit with a t-shirt and white sneakers. 

5) Denim look

When you think about how to dress for a date for men, you can blindly choose a denim outfit. There are plenty of ways to dress up in a denim outfit to impress your date partner. You can choose to wear a denim jacket over a t-shirt to pair it up with neutral denim shorts. Alternatively, you can also wear a denim shirt with denim pants- but it does not have to be the same color. Moreover, you can also match your denim shirt with chinos and white sneakers for a classy look. 

6) Simple outfit look

When you out of your outfit ideas on how to dress for a date for men, choose to wear a well-fitted t-shirt, and you would not regret the decision. These T-shirts are easy to style but try to choose a printed shirt to pair them with denim pants. For a more casual look, you can combine the bomber jackets with your favorite T-shirts. But do not forget to match your simple outfit with your sneakers. 

Some style tips for a great date

When it comes to date, you should be cautious in choosing the right outfit to bring the best out of your style. So let's get to know the style tips for a great date with your partner. 

 1. Pick the right fit

 It is essential to choose the outfit that perfectly fits your body. Do not wear any baggy dress instead go for good fit items like customized jackets, a slim button-down shirt and straight-leg jeans. 

 2. Look keener for small details

Since it is a date, you need to put some extra effort by closely watching any wrinkles on your outfits. Moreover, you want to button down your shirt by leaving 2-3 buttons open. The outcome of paying attention to details during your date is to feel confident, and at the same time, you look charming on your date. 

 3. Consider the occasion

Always dress according to the place where you meet your date. Whether you are going to enjoy some drinks at a bar or meet your date at a cozy restaurant, choosing the best outfit can make you score even if it is your first date.  

DOs and DON'Ts while styling

You should follow the below do’s and don’ts if you are not aware of how to dress for a date for men

  • Always prefer a watch with a metallic strap, or you can also choose a sports watch for a morning date. Wearing a watch can make you look classy and complete your attire. 
  • Neutral & dark colors can make you look sophisticated, so you should consider colors like white, gray, navy, and black. So, it would not attract any special attention to your outfit. You can spend some time choosing the outfit color for your date. 
  • Subtle scent sprayed on your shirt, near the neck, and the little undershirt is required to smell great on your first date but does not overpower by extra cologne on your shirt. 
  • Keep your shoes polished if you prefer to wear a dressing shoe, whereas if you like to wear sneakers, make sure there are no stains and marks present on them. 
  • Do not use hoodies for your date. Instead, you can opt for a denim jacket if you meet your date in a cold place. Also, save your open-toe shoes for other occasions, not on your date.  
  • Though your date can be casual, choose loafers to look classy and cozy on a warm day.  Also, you can avoid wearing hats on your date, and wearing sunglasses indoors can make you appear not approachable. 
  • Dates are always special- so do not wear a tie to look serious instead you should opt for a dress that makes you look effortless and friendly.
  • When in doubt, do not go for crazy patterns and big prints, and it is safe to choose neutral colors for a date evening. 


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