There are different dress shoes you can buy in fashion stores these days and keep as a staple in your shoe rack. These can often range from formal to casual footwear, enabling you to stay fit and be in form for diverse events. Most shoes may be an exception for you because guys enjoy spending money on traditional shoes, but a dress shoe is not an exception.

Men's dress shoes are a must-have for men who like to dress up and add glitz to their attire. Also, dress shoes are needed to scale up your dressings regardless of your preferred styling. However, as much as they are present in different varieties, you can be sure to select the best from the list provided below.

Different Types of Men’s Dress Shoes

Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are undoubtedly the most well-known men's formal shoes. These slim shoes first gained popularity in the 1950s when worn by school pupils and were afterward titled after Oxford University. They have maintained a stronghold in the male fashion landscape over the years, having their means of identification as closed-laced shoes.

Styled with shoelace eyelets and tabs attached under the vamp, Oxford shoes are typically made of leather. Insoles cushioned with latex are also paired with their leather-made sole to make them wearable, providing a suitable option to take you through the day. The smooth upper vamp and pointed toe help maintain your leg shape while styling your outfit.

Men’s Oxford shoes are fashionable and suitable for formal clothing such as suits and tuxedos. Although you can wear them with other smart-casual outfits, such as a shirt and chinos, dressing them up with formal attire is the ideal option. Their black and brown tones are best suited for corporate occasions, banquets, and parties.


Quite similar to the Oxford dress shoes in external structures are the derby. Derby dress shoes earned their name from the facings stitched to the vamp. They comprise shoelace eyelets sewed to the top of the vamp. Despite their structural resemblance to the Oxfords, derby shoes are open-laced and suitable for formal and casual outings, the opposite of the former.

The Derby dress shoes are made of leather, suede, or fabrics, providing users with arrays of choices. While the leather-made derby is more durable and includes other aesthetic aspects, the suede is a good complement for chic menswear and formal settings. The dark, brown, and navy colors of derby shoes are versatile for men's winter and summer combinations.

Wear your derby with suits and a not-too-deep tie for a more formal look. You can, however, change the appearance to a business-casual by wearing derby shoes with jeans. To maintain the duo styling, dark and black dress shoes are viable options. While you may not mind wearing your dress shoes to a party, a suede derby should not be far-fetched.

Chelsea Boot

Chelsea's boot name was derived from their popularity when the shoes appeared in the London area during their early days of inception. These dress boots for men were categorized as dress shoes since the early sixties due to their ability to flip fancy men's dresses in the popular area. No doubt, the shoes have been around for a while, and they do not seem to be leaving the men’s top dress shoes spot anytime soon.

These popular shoe round toe structures improve their usability for varied leg sizes and become supported by their low heel. One of the distinguishing aspects of the Chelsea boots is the elastic panel on the sides, making them comfortable shoes to wear. They also have a fabric tab on the rear to make owners feel comfortable when wearing them.

The sleek Chelsea boots are usable for formal and casual outings when you know what the styling takes. You can style the Black or brown leather Chelsea Boots with chinos to poise a business-casual posture. While you can not rule out other casual apparel with these boots, wearing them with jeans, a shirt, or plain tees will exude a smart-casual look. Even during summer periods, it is what it is.


Male fashionistas do not loathe loafers. These stylish sneakers come in a two-tone design. Their slip-on style makes them easy to wear, and they also have the dress shoe attributes that have helped them establish themselves in the male fashion world. Simply put, loafers have a natural ease and styling.

Loafers come in different kinds, including the Penny, monk strap, and Tassel Loafers. However, these shoes generally do not possess laces or fastening systems on the upper vamp. Instead, the exterior comprises decorated metal structures. In some cases, a simple tassel is attached to these low-heeled shoes and may or may not have any.

Both Penny and tassel loafers (the most prominent loafers) can go with different menswear. Although loafers can be best worn with semi-casual outfits, you can, however, take turns to wear them with other formal menswear. These shoes are dressy for formal events just like they are casual for parties. Wear the brown dress shoes in a suit or jeans, and you will have the best styles.


The Brogue name comes from the term "piercing," which refers to the holes in these shoes. These dress shoes, which are structurally similar to Oxford's, date back several years. In contrast, the Oxfords are open-laced, whereas the Brogues are close-laced. They do, however, have leather uppers, just like Oxford shoes.

The Brogue dress shoes have a wearable and sturdy sole that allows the owner to knock them on the ground without sacrificing comfort. They come in different styles, but they all include decorative holes on the sides, toe-cap, or upper part of the shoe and their most common colors are black and brown.

Shirts and blazers look best with tailored trousers and Brogues for formal settings. With your jeans, you can also get a sophisticated smart-casual style. Either way, they are suitable for formal and casual occasions, but they are not appropriate for Suits.

Desert Boot

Desert Boots have been present since the early 1950s. These shoes swiftly became popular when worn by soldiers during world war II. Then, the ankle-length-sized desert provided comfort for their feet and maintained the attractive posture required for the boots to radiate.

Desert boots, like Chukka boots, have a crepe sole that outlasts season cycles and is appropriate with a variety of outfits throughout the year. The combination of their soft suede uppers and this outsole provides traction. However, they are not suited for use during the rainy season, but they will get you through the winter and autumn.

Wear these boots with chinos to create a chic appearance, or pair them with jeans to keep the casual status quo. You can also use them for formal ensembles, including parties.

Dress Sneakers

Dress sneakers are shoes with no heels, typically made of canvas. If you do not want to wear the laced Oxfords or slip-on Loafers, the sneakers are a good alternative. These flat-sole shoes can dress up your casual attire while not leaving out your formal fashion ensembles if you want to attempt something different.

White and black are the most common hues found in sneakers. The colors, however, are adaptable enough to spruce up your suits and jeans.


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