Any outfit can get completed by matching them with the perfect shoes. Especially for workwear, you need to carefully choose the ideal shoes to look more professional in your own workspace. Whilst there are many options to choose from the wide range of shoes, we have carefully curated the ones which can be worn for your work. So let’s read the article to know more about the top trending shoes for work. 

Chelsea Boots

When you think of top trending shoes for work, Chelsea boots can be your first choice. These boots are extremely great looking, stylish and also feels cozy. Chelsea boots can be chosen for all your formal events, and they have a round toe with elastic sides. If you are the person who wants to go for laceless shoes, you should opt for Chelsea boots. Moreover, these boots look more elegant than other boots. 

Chukka Boots

What if I told you chukka boots is the one if you are wondering about top trending shoes for work. Chukka boots are round toe ankle boots with multiple eyelets. These boots are professional shoes that add casualness to your work attire. For the additional tip, we would suggest you go for tan or beige boots with any boot cut jeans. Especially during colder months, you can go for coats and trenches to match the chukka boots. 

Oxford Shoes

What can be the best top trending shoes for work other than oxford shoes? These shoes can work for any formal occasion. These classy shoes can be worn for your meetings but pick a brown or black leather pair of shoes. Oxford shoes can give you a complete formal look by adding more charm to your workwear. 

Leather work boots

If you are looking for ideal top trending shoes for work, then consider leather work boots since these boots suit everyone’s needs. But always look for comfort since you wear these boots for long hours in a day. Also, choosing a high-quality leather shoe gives you enough protection by providing sturdy inner and outer lining. By opting for the leather work boots you can not only look elegant but also feel comfortable. 


It’s time to add loafers to your shoe collection if you do not own a pair yet. Loafers are the ideal shoes to wear for your work. And these shoes don’t have lace, and they can be worn for any business casual purpose. But pick a black or brown leather loafer to match your chinos and tuck-in shirt. Do not forget to opt for a suitable belt for a formal appearance at your work.

Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are classic shoes that can be worn for a formal look. These shoes come with a minimal design therefore, they can be worn for several outfits. Their goal is to create a balance in your work outfit. You can wear a classic leather derby with suede designs to create a more formal look for your overall appearance. 

Now, you have an idea about the work shoes, but you should spend time before purchasing a new shoe. So do not be concerned as we have listed out the factors to be considered before buying shoes for work. 

 What to consider when buying shoes for work

Proper fit – You need a shoe that exactly fits your feet, and more importantly you need some toe space to fit in. Moreover, your heels should be firmly placed and it can be attained by getting a perfect fitting shoe. 

Seek high-quality leather– Pick shoes that are made of soft leather and do not choose classic lines since they will get wide over time. Your feet deserve the perfect quality shoe with the right size. 

Opt for a flexible shoe sole– The next thing you look for in a shoe is to have a flexible sole. The more shoe sole flexibility you have, you can bend the shoe and feel the coziness. Especially when it comes to working shoes, you need to wear them all day long, and the flexibility matters. 

Try it on – Each foot will be of different width and length for the most time. If you are right-handed your dominant foot is right, and it can be bigger than the left. This is the reason you should try both of your shoes. Moreover, shoes made by different manufacturers are differently sized, so it is important to try them on to feel relaxed. 

Feet size related to temperature- If you don’t know yet, your feet can change in shape and size depending on the temperature. During summer, your feet can become swollen occupying more space in your shoe. Also, it is best to buy shoes during the evening since your feet already got into the required temperature. Therefore you usually go for a size bigger. Moreover, you need some breathing space for your swollen leg in case of increased temperature. 

 Final thoughts

When it comes to office wear, you need to be elegant, and at the same time, you should be comfortable enough. There are many factors such as size, fit, comfort, breathability you need to consider before opting for a shoe. Moreover, you are put with the shoe for longer hours, so try it on before getting a pair. Also, the above shoe recommendations mentioned are the ideal choice for any man to appear formal in their work suit. Therefore get a nice pair and add it to your shoe collection to look appealing in your formal attire. 


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