Ladies! Summer is in full swing, so it’s time to dig out the old summer shoes from your closet or buy the new ones. Today we will guide you about the top trending summer shoes for women this summer that will work for every occasion.

There are many styles and brands available in the market, and it is not easy to decide on the right type of shoes for you. But don’t you worry, we have your back. We have prepared a list of wardrobe essential summer shoes that every woman should own. So, let’s get into this without any further delay.


Fashion lovers know that loafers are in trend right now. The classic look of loafers can instantly dress up your style. Loafers are flats and have closed-toe with different styles from tassels to buckles. This slip-on are available in different materials and colors. Many loafers’ bottoms are padded and give a cushion to feet.

How to Style Loafers?

Loafers are such a great purchase this summer. These enclosed style shoe type is versatile and can go with western and traditional dresses. This comfortable shoe type can wear not only to the office but also casually with jeans. You can also add a blazer with pants to create a little formal look.

Tank tops and cotton pants look great with the loafers. Sweat shirts and denim are also trending with these pairs. If you want comfortable something comfortable and stylish at the same time, then loafers is a good option. Anything you can’t wear with heels can go with loafers.


These effortless and breathable shoes are again trending in the fashion industry. You can dress up and down with espadrilles for a casual or dressy look. They come in various colors but beige and black is most demanding. You can buy them in flats, sandals or wedges with straps, buckles, and laces.

How to Style Espadrilles?

Espadrille looks really cute white tee-shirt, blue denim, and an oversized cardigan. To add a classy touch, add a matching bag with espadrille. For a more feminine look, summer printed dresses also compliment these shoes. Try pairing sweatshirts and shorts for hanging out off-days.  These all looks will give the best summer casual vibes.


Slide-in is the best choice of shoes for this summer as they are breathable and comfortable. Studded, embellished transparent slide-ins is highly loveable due to their semi-formal look. You can style them with so many outfits. Slide-in is great transition shoes as you can quickly slide your feet in and get ready to go.

You have a wide range of variety of flats to choose from. Ballet, pumps, sandals, flip-flops, and mules all are examples of flats.  If you want something quick and stylish, then these are the best options.

How to Style Flats/slide-ins?

This style of flat shoes works for both office and casual looks. From shorts to skirts, they can be worn with any casual outfit.  You can’t go wrong with these shoes if you are styling them with sweat pants and a pullover. Skinny jeans, trousers, maxi skirts, and crop jeans all look cool with this footwear.


Sneakers come in handy when you don’t want to wear flats, heels, or sandals but still want comfy footwear.  This classic staple footwear, if styled appropriately, it can elevate your personality with ease.  

Many fabrics are used for making sneakers. Cotton sneakers are highly recommended for summer because of their breathability. Synthetic leather, Lycra, and other materials are also used. Women’s sneakers have pointed toes and a closed lacing system.  

If you have to walk all day long on your work, forget all other shoes and go with this one. Invest in good sneakers that contribute to quality and comfort.

How to Style Sneakers?

Sneakers look good with work trousers, leather pants, denim, tees, tracksuits, and mid-length dresses. Don’t wear clothes that are too baggy as they can spoil the overall presentation of your look. Slim, straight jeans look great with sneakers. Silk or chiffon dresses with sneakers make you look so cute. Just give it a try. They are so cozy for a weekend errand casual look.


You may have many summer occasions coming up, and all you need for them is a good pair of heels shoes. You can choose from the square toe, platform heels, high heels, and many other styles. You can’t fail with heels because they can go with anything. Heels are the most affordable, stylish footwear that you must have in your wardrobe. You can buy them in any color or style variation you want.

How to Style Flats/slide-ins?

Heels are great for work, special occasions, date nights, and any formal thing you can imagine. Ankle strap heels look beautiful with mid-skirts, jeans, culottes, and pants. Mini-skirts flared pants, and shorts should be avoided with heels.


If you are not a heel person, then sandals are at your service. Sandals are fun to wear, light weighted, and have many color options. Some sandals have a microfiber foot bed which is soft to wear. Braided, woven, and other styles are present in sandals, so you have a table full of choices in front of you. Studded around the toe sandals are so cute and look pretty with almost everything. Most sandals have a rubber sole and leather straps. Sandals are considered best for outdoors, indoors, beach, and pool parties. You can get the latest, artsy-style summer sandals for women in 2022. Because this year has brought the best design, that have evolved the fashion trend.

How to Style Sandals?

If you are struggling with outfit ideas for sandals, we have cute summer looks for you. A printed summer dress with sandals can’t go wrong together.  You can throw on a sweat shirt with shorts, and you will look adorable. On the beach or pool, you can style them with a bikini.

Final Words

As the article shows, from casual to formal, you can style women’s summer shoes in any way you like. Throw your favorite outfit and showcase your favorite summer shoes.

 If you haven’t bought any pairs yet, then find a summer sandals clearance sale and buy as many pairs as you want. We hope this article will help you get the best look out of you. Stay with us to read more interesting articles.


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