Every season of the year calls for different trends and outfits. And when it’s fall and winter, it’s no doubt that boots are a staple footwear commodity to protect your feet from the autumn chill. Thankfully, several types of boots for winter will keep your feet healthy while still maintaining the chic look. If you’re stuck in your choice, however, check out the trending types of boots for winter 2021!

Best Winter boots for women

There are just several types of women’s winter boots. But if you’re shopping for the trendy ones with features that’ll see you through the autumn chill, here are they.

Combat/tactical boots

Combat and tactical boots are some of the comfiest winter boots you can find around. And yet, they're rugged to see you through the wintertime.

Thanks to their sturdy rubber soles and durable materials, these boots can stand the extreme weather condition of the winter. They'll keep your feet warm, stabilize your ankle, and protect your feet all through.

Not just that, you can dress them up or down with many outfits, based on the occasion.

Thigh-high boots

Styling in winter is very different; that’s when you never get bullied or look homeless for jampacking yourself with big, covered-up clothes and sweaters. But if you’re not ready to abandon your shorts, miniskirts, and midis, thigh-high boots should be a priority for you.

Thanks to their versatility, you can pair thigh-high boots with almost any outfit in your closet without looking unkempt. For a sophisticated winter look, pair your thigh-high boots with dresses, skinning jeans, shorts, miniskirts, and any other thing you could think of.

Knee-high boots

Knee-high boots are an essential type of boots for winter. These boots go as high as your knee, keeping your feet nice and toasty even at the lowest temperature.

They’re available in a wide range of styles and builds, giving you the option to choose the perfect one that goes with what's already in your closet.

For an everyday look, you can’t go wrong rocking your knee-high boots with sweatshirts and sweaters. And when it's time for night-outs, feel free to explore your closet, perhaps going with blazers and jackets for a sophisticated look.

Ankle booties.

If you don’t want the types of winter boots running over your leg, you can still stick with ankle boots. They’re arguably the most basic boots for winter. And the feeling they give you when you realize they require low styling effort is priceless.

There are different types and styles of ankle boots, but the best thing about them is that they’re incredibly versatile and comfortable. You can pair them with a variety of winter outfits ranging from jeans to dresses and others.

Chelsea Boots

If all you want is comfort throughout the winter, you need a pair of Chelsea boots. These boots are an all-time trend, meaning you can wear them year-round when winter is over.

Chelsea boots are versatile, as you can pair them with almost any outfit of your choice. Speaking of comfort, they’re the easiest boot to pull on and off, thanks to the elastic on their sides.

 There you have it, the trendy types of boots for winter in 2021. Whichever boots you’re rocking, just ensure they’re built with materials that’ll protect your feet throughout the frosty season.

Best winter boots for men

When it comes to the trendy types of boots for winter, men often have fewer options than women. The reason is most times, men aren’t looking for the most sophisticated boots, but ones that can serve them throughout the frosty season.

Nonetheless, many winter boots for men look fashionable while still serving the primary function—to keep your feet warm throughout the wintertime. Here are they.

The Chelsea Boot

Chelsea boots are versatile, making them the most common type of footwear you can wear throughout the year. And now that it's winter, you're well welcome.

With the distinctive elastic material on their sides, Chelsea boots are easy to pull on and off. What's more, the ankle-high boot pairs well with almost any outfit. And if you’re left to choose only one type of boot to wear all through the winter, it’s probably a Chelsea boot!

Chukka Boots

There are many versatile winter boots out there, but few are close to the classic chukka boots. They're ankle-high boots with only two or three eyelets. Given that, they're more casual and can easily be paired with jeans and chinos.

For versatility during the winter, go for a pair of dark chukka boots with a leather build. That will serve you throughout the week when it’s time to rock your office attire.

Combat boots

Boots are a staple for winter, and combat boots take that even further. Once you get your first pair of combat boots, it lingers you towards the next because they're just too good.

For a sophisticated casual look, style them with denim on denim. The thing is, you can wear combat boots with almost any outfit. However, the number one rule of thumb is to keep the hem of your pants above the boots.  

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots aren't necessarily reserved for hitting the trails alone; their material can help you walk throughout the winter without issues. And if you choose to go on hiking during winter, you’re very much welcome.

For versatility, you’d want to go with neutral colors, which gives you the chance to style them with more outfits of your choice.

Snow boots

If you live in a colder region and are planning to walk through the snow, a pair of good snow boots is essential for you. Snow boots have more edge in keeping your feet nice and toasty than the other types of boots for winter, even at the lowest temperature.

Also, these boots have grooves and treads on their outsoles, providing you with better traction when you walk through the snow. Boots with slippery outsoles are easy to make you fall when walking on icy snow.

Snow boots are also built with waterproof materials, keeping your feet warm and dry from the snow, ice, and dissolved water. And thankfully, there are a couple of snow boots with gorgeous designs nowadays. So choosing snow boots isn't an option to settle for ugly footwear.


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