The Most Trendy And Stylish Shoes To Wear With Skirts

The Most Trendy And Stylish Shoes To Wear With Skirts

Are you tired of your boring consistent routine of wearing jeans and trousers? Then you should go for skirts. They never go out of fashion, are versatile to wear, and look stunning on everybody and on every occasion. Skirts give you the most fashionable, stylish, feminine, and astute.  When getting ready for a special event, such as going out to dinner or even heading to work, it is mandatory to pick out suitable footwear with a skirt. Otherwise, it will ruin your whole look. If you don’t know what shoes to wear with skirt, continue reading this article.

Shoe Ideas to Style with Skirts

A big divergence of skirts is present in the market today. Skirts are flexible to wear, so why stick to solely one option? Just make your own perfect look in a skirt by doing some unique combinations of ideal skirt shoes.

 You can make different looks just by selecting different types of shoes to wear with skirts, but what shoes go best with which skirt? Let us answer this. Skirts are amusing and awesome to wear; either you wear pencils, shorts, or maxi skirts to inflate your curves. But if you desired this to elevate your style, then you should select the right shoes to wear with skirt.



Here are my few recommendations for the best shoes that go with skirts to make you look stylish.

  1. For the perfect classic look wear dark-colored shoes with your skirt.
  2. You can also try wearing nude-colored heels and pumps with the bright and funky color skirt for a balanced look.
  3. Going out for dinner and can’t decide what are the best skirt shoes? Don’t worry; pair your black skirt with black heels or nude heels with bright red lipstick.
  4. Style your casual light color skirt with bright-colored heels and sandals.
  5. Who says to always wear heels with the skirt? Sneakers are also the most recommended skirt shoes.

Shoes to wear with long skirts

Long skirts are something which you can carry in every season. They are designed to highlight your waist so it’s better to haul it with the belt. In winter you can pair up long skirts with high ankle boots. Now confer about the shoes to wear with long skirts. It’s very preeminent to select the right shoes for an elegant look. As long skirts are low waist and they make you look shorter. So, it’s better to wear it with heeled shoes.


  • Strapped heels go best with tulip long skirts. You should wear nude heels with a bright hue skirt.
  • With ethnic long skirt wear combo with one color shirt or of shoulder top with nude toe ring flat.
  • Wear golden metallic toe pump heels with a hue contrast skirt.
  • Heels are difficult to wear with children, so don't worry, long ethnic skirts are also perfect with flip flops and flat sandals.
  • Never wear high boots or gladiators along with a long skirt.

Shoes to wear with midi skirts

Do you know what is it time for, when the weather is getting hot? It’s time to take out your midi skirt from your wardrobe. Midi skirts slenderize your waist and bulge your curves to make your look sassier. Below I'll walk you through which shoes to wear with midi skirts:


  • If you want relaxed footwear in the office to pair with skirts, try white sneakers.
  • Pumps suit best with the midi skirts especially with flared and pencil skirts.
  • Block heels and stilettos are perfect shoes to carry with pleated and straight midi skirts.
  • For professional and classic touch wear high heel mules with pencil skirts.
  • Always wear high boots that are shorter than your skirt length.

Shoes to wear with mini skirts

Miniskirts are versatile to wear and usually go with heavy-looking shoes. These skirts are always in trend and make your look sassy, and sexy. There are many shoes to wear with miniskirts; some of them are mentioned below.


  • Long strappy flats complement great with the miniskirts, especially for a party or club.
  • High heels look great with flared miniskirts.
  • Do you want your style to match your jazzy look? Then try heavy boots with a leather skirt. You can also wear it with fluffy black skirts.
  • Brogue goes well with a fitted skirt for a more classic look.
  • Long leather boots matched perfectly with miniskirts.
  • High platform shoes are going to be trendy these days with miniskirts.

Casual shoes to wear with skirts

Are you going for travelling or planning any family gatherings? But wearing heels all day long really hurts. So, what should you wear that is both comfy and complements your skirt? So here are some of the perfect comfortable shoes to wear with skirts.


Lace and heel Sandals

For a casual look, pair mini and midi skirts with heel sandals and lace-up sandals. And enjoy carrying your look with comfort. You can also wear strappy sandals with a long tulip skirt.


Sneakers also trending these days and they are comfortable to wear.  Sneakers and joggers go well with midi skirts and miniskirts.


Does shopping also makes your foot hurt, but you desired to look dapper in your skirt look? Then try flip flops and flats shoes, which are the trending and stylish skirt shoes and supper snug to wear. You can pair flat gladiators with long tulip skirt.

Tips for Selecting the Correct Skirt and Shoes

Here are the quick steps for choosing the right shoes that go well with your skirts:

  • Before selecting shoes think about the occasion and then choose whether you want casual or formal wear.
  • Always select shoes with the correct color combinations that suit best.
  • Style of your shoes and skirt must complement each other.
  • Always wear the correct size of your shoes.

Final Words

Your skirts escalate your look and make you appear more stylish in every place whether it’s mini, midi, or long. You just have to select the correct footwear and left the rest on the shoes. This article is the complete guide on the best shoes to wear with skirts; now it’s up to you which combination you like to carry for yourself.


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