6 Popular Summer Shoe Trends For Kids In 2022

6 Popular Summer Shoe Trends For Kids In 2022

Summer months have started approaching, and it's time to upgrade your kid's wardrobe with mandatory summer shoes. While shopping for kids' shoes, you need to be extra cautious to pick the right shoe based on their activity and comfort. If you are already enthusiastic about purchasing new pair of trending kids shoes, read out this article till the end. 

Kids' shoes have endless options, including sneakers, sandals, slip-on, Velcro shoes, etc. We will check out the most popular shoe choices in detail here. 


Kids Sandals are the classic trending kids shoes option for every kid. You can choose any sandals that are made of leather so that your kid can enjoy the coziness. Also, these sandals are easy to maintain and also quite easy to wash since your kid often ends up in puddles while playing. Though these sandals have a textured bottom to serve their purpose, it doesn’t provide much traction. So prefer other sports shoes for the active outdoor activity. Moreover, do not forget to order a smaller size to avoid your kid getting blisters.


Velcro shoes have great design and are made of durable materials. And these trending kids shoes are best suitable for kids during their outdoor activity. Velcro shoes are made of antimicrobial soles that provide breathability to feet, and they can be washed easily. As a parent, you will be looking for shoes with more stability for your active kids. In that case, you can blindly choose these Velcro shoes that provide traction and great comforts. 


Who doesn’t want to wear a snuggly shoe? If you are looking for trending kids shoes that work well for all of your kid's activities, purchase a pair of active shoes. These shoes can provide slip-resistant traction, great coverage, and complete protection for your kid’s feet. Moreover, these active shoes help your kid's feet stay away from sweats during summer. You can also go for hook and loop straps that perfectly fit; on your kid's feet and are easy to wear. There are a variety of styles and colors available in kids' active shoes, and you can choose bright colors to create fun.


What can be the comfiest shoes for your kids than slip-ons? These shoes are in trend, and they are versatile shoes for every occasion. Slip-ons are the most fashionable ones that suit them well. Especially for girls, you can get the slip-on decorated with sequins to pull up their glossy outfit look. The slip-on made of leather can even withstand rains, and it can become your kid's favorite shoe; you may never know until you get them one.


Did you try loafers on your kids yet? If not, it’s time to grab one. Loafers made of suede or leather can be the most ideal choice, and you can go for extra fringes on top to bring a casual look to your kid's outfit. If your kids love to be on fashion trends, you can help them choose loafers that are available in subtle shades with extra elements on the top front of the shoe. Boys like darker shades that add a more macho look to their outfits. 


Kids Sneakers are an all-time favorite of most kids, and it is a must in every kid’s wardrobe. These shoes not only provide good comfort but also comes with beautiful designs, stylish patterns and attractive colors. When in doubt, you can absolutely pair your kid's outfit with sneakers, and they never go out of the trend. Moreover, sneakers with vibrant laces can be suitable for both; girls and boys. Kids love to have fun, so get those sneakers with cool funky style, and they will absolutely enjoy the cozy sneaker-wearing experience. 


There are more shoe varieties available for kids nowadays, and it adds more responsibility for the parents to pick the right ones to keep their children safe and secure. 

Check out the below things to consider before you make a shoe purchase:

Fit & Comfort - There is no compromise in fit and comfort- when it comes to shoes since your kids enjoy wearing shoes once when their feet are well secured and fitted in the shoe. 

Safety - Go for the best shoes for cute toddlers since they have just started walking. Safety should be your priority for the kid's shoes since they do random activities while playing. Choose nonskid soles, flexible shoes and closed-toe types based on their age and activity. 

Style - Everyone likes to appear stylish and elegant, and kids are no exception. You can choose shoes with bold, vibrant colors to keep them excited while wearing them. 

Shoe Material - Summer shoes are exclusively designed to provide your kid's feet to breathe since sweats can cause blisters. Therefore consider the fabrics and shoe designs while choosing shoe pairs. 

Durability - You can opt for shoes that can be effortlessly rinsed off in the washing machine since kid shoes are more prone to dirt and mud. 


To enjoy this summer, get a few pairs of summer shoes for your kids, and they absolutely enjoy the look and feel. But remember the essential things mentioned in this article before rushing to the shoe store or making an online purchase. Also, kids grow faster, so you need to check for accurate size every time before you purchase. Now, prepare your kids for this summer by grabbing hot pair of trending kids shoes.  


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