A gift for a boyfriend should always do one of three things: bring him joy, elevate his style, and raise the bar for any future gifts sent your way. It's even better if you can combine these three things into a single present that you gift him from time to time. What else can be a great choice other than men shoes for the gifting occasion?

So, let’s check out the top-notch shoes for stylish men.

To help you with this, we have listed out the best shoes that can be gifted to your boyfriend to uplift his overall look and put him in a greater mood. 


Loafers are the forgotten shoes that every man should take into their closet. Loafers are frequently overlooked in favor of trainers or brogues, maybe a fashionable accent to both casual and formal attire. They are the new go-to shoe since they are easy to dress up or down, are minimalistic, and versatile. 

Loafers may give a stylish vibe to give it a bit of an update for a casual look. Moreover, men can wear the loafers with a semi-smart piece of clothing and keep the rest of their outfits casual.

Read below to know the loafer styling tips:

  • Loafers for men can go well with a shirt & jeans, t-shirt & chinos, t-shirt & jeans, Cuban collar shirt & shorts. 
  • Men can choose a pair of loafers that are not very "dressy." Instead of gleaming loafers, they can opt for brightly colored suede loafers like jade green and ruby red. This will help to make the loafers the focal point of any men’s attire while also making it appear well-planned.
  • For everyday wear, men can try to match their loafers with one more smart-casual piece.
  • They can choose leather loafers if they want to look more formal, and wearing socks are not recommended (at least visible socks) with loafers.

2. Chelsea boots  

Chelsea boots have been a staple of men's wardrobes for decades. There are two varieties of Chelsea boots: leather and suede. 

Leather Chelsea boots have a sleek, polished appearance and can be dressed up for formal events. Suede Chelsea boots, on the other hand, have a timeless appeal and a relaxed vibe.

Chelsea boots are popular because of their versatility: they may be worn with jeans or suits, and they can be dressed up or down. Chelsea boots go with almost any outfit and can be worn with almost anything without clashing or looking out of place.

As an alternative to brogues, men's Chelsea boots look excellent with blazers, chinos, and suits. They are also great with jeans and double-layered coats for a fashionable casual look. They can also be used as a fashionable alternative to sneakers.

3. Chukka boots

Men’s Chukka boots exist in a wide range of colors and materials, and they can be styled in a variety of ways. Chukkas are most commonly and traditionally produced with either unlined leather calfskin or suede.

While chukka boots, in general, are more on the informal side of the shoe extent, these adaptable boots can be dressed up or down. On the most basic level, they look great with jeans and a tee — preferably a nicer, solid/striped tee rather than a graphic tee.

Chukkas are most appropriate for the following outfits:

  • Chukka boots look fantastic with a button-down, polo, or sweater and dark denim/chinos for a smart casual look.
  • Swapping sneakers for chukkas is a simple way to upgrade all of the men’s casual attire while remaining stylish and comfy.
  • Chukka boots can be worn with khakis and a sports coat or blazer as they move up to business casual.

4. Oxford boots

The Oxford is distinguished by its closed lacing. Unlike the open lacing technique of the Derby shoe, the eyelet tabs are sewed underneath the vamp, or top of the shoe. The style started as a simple leather shoe, but it has grown greatly through time to encompass a wide range of fabrics, embellishments, and styles ideal for both smart casual and formal use.

Oxfords are the best choice for a wide range of fine casual occasions, including lunches, parties, and more. Men can style their outfits by pairing them with oxford boots and an ideal pair of pants. Since oxford boots are formal, they need a pair of casual pants to look perfect.

Chinos or stylish jeans, in particular, will help men attain the desired look. Then, on top, they can wear something that is both comfy and stylish.

Oxford shoes are a wise investment for any fashionable man. They are timeless and sophisticated, and they are ideal for suits and tuxedos. They can also be worn more semi-formally and smart-casually depending on the color and styling. Oxford boots vary from other shoes, but when it comes to looking nice, their beauty is agony.

Final words

Gifting your boyfriend is always special since the gifts from loved ones are always close to hearts. Therefore choose a perfect shoe to fit your boyfriend style and elevate their overall appearance. Spend time researching the versatile shoes to gift your boyfriend and create more lovable gifting memories.



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