Platform boots are heeled boots of different sizes that exude an edgy look for women. These boots are in vogue and stylish, making them a must-have for nearly every woman. As long as platform boots have been around, they do not appear to be leaving the fashion space anytime soon. So, this trendiness prompts me to provide a well-outlined guide on how to style platform boots to look spiffy in women's outfits in 2022. Let us get started with ways to style your chunky heeled boots and look astonishing this new year!

How to Style Platform Boots for Women

With platform boots, you could want your ups and downs tucked in, loosened, pleated, or just skinny. Perhaps, you want to go for a more modest or classic look with laced/zipped platform boots? Here is how to style platform boots effortlessly in 2022.

Platform Boots with Jeans

Wearing your boots with jeans may seem like a casual style you wear often. But trust me, it becomes classic when you pair them with platform boots. This style of denim on platform boots is trendy, simple, and will not take you long to learn. From your laced platform boots to the zipped ones, the jeans for women are always a perfect match for these boots.

When it is hot in the summer, you can wear short cut-off denim and a beanie with platform boots, and both will not look cheesy. To complete the style, wear the pair with a plain or pleated tee-shirt and complement them all together with a rounded sunglass. Or, if you are going for long gray jeans, get a black long sleeve top with your zipped black platform boots.

Platform Boots with Pants

One of the reliable ways on how to style platform boots is to wear them with pants. As long as the pants are well-fitted, this combination is ideal and will exude an elegant look. When it is time to attend an event, you can take advantage of your pants by dressing them in different platform boots.

If you want to look classic and smart-casual at the same time, pair your black pants with platform boots. When you feel like doing the norms, throw on a white shirt with these boots. Or better still, you can wear a knitted cardigan with a plain shirt during the winter. With your handbag on the side, your platform boots have got a finishing touch.

Platform Boots with Skirts

Are you concerned about not getting yourself stuffed up with pants? You can try something new by wearing your platform boots with skirts. Whether it is a maxi or mini skirt, it is appropriate to style them with your platform boots.

When it is summer, and you want to stay natural and stylish, wear your miniskirts and platform boots with a pleated top. Perhaps, you want to level up and rock a professional look or take them to business events. Go for grey skirt suit paired with a blazer. However, the best bet for the skirts is to opt for lace-up leather platform boots.

Platform Boots with Dress

Another way to style your platform boots is to wear them with a dress. Although women often classify most dresses as professional, these heeled boots are no exception. The combination is business-ideal, stylish, and suitable for different events.

You can wear your mini dress with platform boots at any time of year without looking inappropriate or trashy. You can complement your look with black over-the-knee socks on black chunky platform boots when it is cold. And if you are concerned about protecting your eyes from the sun's rays or stepping up your style, throw on a pair of sunglasses and a jacket.

Types of Platform Boots

As much as you want to choose the platform boots for your next occasion, you can always stay classic and up to date. However, platform boots are not just of a single type. So, here are the diverse types of platform boots you can select.

Chunky Platform Boots

The Chunky platform boots are boots that encompass large and heavy heels. These block-heeled boots raise body height, and they are edgy as well. More importantly, they are popular platform boots that are durable and usable for heavy works.

The Chelsea platform boots are one of the popular examples of these boots. However, you should know that not all Chelsea boots are high-heeled. But a significant amount of them have block heels.

Lace-up Platform Boots

Another type of platform boots you can find at the fashion store with a different body feature is the lace-up platform boots. These boots come with laces that you can tighten and loosen when you wear them.

The Lace-up platform boots are suitable for a range of women’s wear, and they come in different colors such as black, brown, burgundy, et al. They can also be your go-to when it is time for casual and formal events.

Zipped Platform Boots

These boots are different from the lace-up platform boots because they come in zips and not laces. Their zips are often metals and long-lasting. Although it is easy to wear, like the lace-ups, they are more time-saving when you slide them up and down.

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