In recent times, combat boots have become a popular choice of footwear for both men and women. One of the numerous reasons for its popularity is that they are versatile in shape and function. Talk about styling and sturdiness, these boots are trendy and durable enough to see you through the year.

Since you're on the lookout for how to style combat boots, likewise many other fashion enthusiasts, I have put up a quick guide on how to do so. All you have to do is go through the thread below.

How To Style Women’s Combat Boots

You can style combat boots for women in different ways to go with your outfits. However, you need to understand what-is-what to avoid a mishmash in your combination. If you are to go by anything, the list below is a perfect way to start.

Wear With Jeans

Jeans, as well as combat boots, go with practically anything related to women’s wear, hence, appearing to be an ideal, simple pair. Isn't that so? Wearing your jeans with these boots is stylish if you are yet to know how to style combat boots. The duo is perfect, and they've long been a fashionable style for women, just like most other top fashion trends.

While you may sometimes find it difficult to conclude on the exact jeans to wear, you can always opt for straight-leg or cropped jeans. Any of these jeans will look great with combat boots. And if you are the type that selects long and short ones randomly, go with your preference and adjust them to fit with these boots.

Women's combat boots are more fashionable to behold when women tuck in their jeans. However, this style is not a reference for all jeans you come across. Straight-leg jeans are better tucked in with long combat boots if they have a wide shaft. If you are wearing cropped jeans, create a gap at the hem of your jeans to show your leg skin. And a little reminder, combat boots will always go with any shirt color you may choose to wear with your jeans.

Wear With Leggings

Leggings are another piece of clothing you can style with your combat boots. They look great with combat boots and help you look more put-together. Although these styles have most likely been popular for a long time and are not unfamiliar to you. You should, however, be aware that it has maintained the same perfect style since then.

Leggings often come in diverse kinds, likewise color. Almost every woman usually has one or multiple. Trust me, any of the leggings you select are what you can pair with your combat boots. Either pattern or plain leggings, anyone will make you look much better with combat boots.

In cold weather, combat boots often become essential footwear, and this is when your styling can also come into play. You can wear your combat boots with leggings combined with an oversized sweater. More so, you can pair them with variables of tee shirts, and they will look much better.

Wear with Dresses

Dresses are formal, polished with combat boots just like the name suggests. Another way on how to style combat boots is to pair them with a dress. Women's dress isn't a scarce item in your wardrobe. Is it? That makes it simple to style your boots properly.

You can wear your dress with combat boots when going to the office. If you have just received an invitation to an evening date, you can wear your boots with a mini dress. Black combat boots often go well with black dresses, but you can go for other colors if it isn't your style. A major takeaway remains that combat boots are versatile for many dress colors.

While the season of the year is drifting towards winter, you can wear a jacket on your sleeveless dress. It is cute! However, if it is hot outside in the summer, you can style them perfectly with any of your favorite dresses without a jacket.

Wear with Skirts

One other piece of clothing you can explore and use to style your combat boots is skirts. Skirts look great with combat boots on women, and you can not rule them out if you wish to wear any other boots. Think about having an edgy look? The combination with your comfortable combat boots is classic.

You can also opt for a mini or midi skirt. In either case, both are reliable to elevate your look when paired with skirts. All you have to do is to be super selective with your tops. With that out of the way, the combination is always perfect at any time of the year.

When it is time to go to the office, you might be unsure whether skirts can keep up with your style. Relax, the duo is perfect, and they won't let you down.

Are Combats in Style?

Yes, they are. Many people ask this question to know if combat boots are in style. If you are yet to get a pair or probably have one dumped in your shoe rack, this is still the best time to get them out as they are still in style.

Combat boots were most prominent among the military before the 1980s. The metal soles positioned them to walk through different land terrains and support their feet. Since then, these boots were never out of style, and they have evolved to a top spot in the fashion world. Combat boots are versatile and will always fit your modern apparel.


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