The edge of a midi dress can hit a couple of inches above your ankles. Midi dresses are very girly accentuating your figure. It makes you feel beautiful. What’s more, you can wear them casually or you can wear them on semi-formal occasions.

These dresses have always been woman’s favorite. The floral pattern dresses with vibrant colors look good in every season. There is no doubt that you would look gorgeous in a midi dress but picking the right type of shoes to match your dress is also important.

So, what shoes to wear with midi dress? When summer is around your closet needs to go through a lot of changes. Sweaters and overcoats get replaced by lightweight, colorful, breathable dresses. And your closet needs to have several types of midi dresses.  

Midi dresses go well with any type of shoes but you cannot settle for just average, can you? We want to look fashionable in whatever we choose to wear. And those who agree with me keep on reading the full article.

You don’t have to be confused about what shoes to wear with midi dress. Because in this post you would know all about it. The kind of shoe you are wearing has a lot of impact on your midi dress. So, before we delve into what shoes to wear with midi dress take a look at the tips that will make you look even better in midi dresses.

How To Look Captivating in A Midi Dress?

  • Choose a beige-colored midi dress and pair it with nude sandless or heels to look taller.
  • Highlight your waistline by combining your dress with a belt.
  • If you are on the tall side and like to buy a floral midi dress go for the ones that come in a small floral pattern. Do the opposite if you are short.
  • Another tip for short people is to wear a midi dress with a slit which will make you look taller.
  • Tall people can choose a midi dress of any length but if you are not, choose a dress that hits just beneath your knees.  
  • If the material of the dress is heavy pair it with boots.        

What Shoes to Wear with Midi Dress to Look Trendy and Elegant 

Now that you know the basics, we can move forward to the most important segment of this article which is what shoes to wear with midi dress.


If you are wearing a simple midi dress pair it with slides in case you want to keep it simple. Midi dresses look quite good combined with sandals. But they look the best with midi dresses that hit below the knees. Normally any dress looks great in a taller figure. Thus, show off a bit by wearing gladiators. The best thing about them is that they make your legs seem longer.

Ankle Boots

Nothing can beat a pair of black boots. It is more like a staple in every fashionista’s shoe collection.When you are looking for boots, choose the pointed ones. If you don’t want to buy several pairs,  buy only a pair of black boots. You can wear them with anything and still look stylish.

For boots lovers, a piece of shoe advice would be to get boots in deeper sheds. Combine them with a midi dress if you are going out in the evening.

Animal Print Shoes

Animal print shoes are sure to catch attention. These shoes are now dominating the fashion world and why shouldn’t they. The diversity and beautiful prints are to die for leaving you in great jeopardy since you cannot decide which one to pick. Leopard print shoes are popular among most women.

Apart from that, you have cow print, snake print, crocodile print, giraffe print, and more. These prints look even more stunning in knee-high boots.  Wear a colorful midi dress and combine it with animal print shoes for that chic look.


Heels might seem like the go-to shoes for midi dresses but a little experimenting wouldn’t hurt. Try pairing your midi dress with flats as they too look incredible. They are easy on your feet.

Pointed flats are the most suitable type for midi dresses. They wouldn’t make you look short. Just be sure to avoid the rounded ones.  

High Heels

If you are going to attend a formal event or a wedding, wear your midi dress with heels. A word of advice is to select the pair according to the color of your ornaments.

Knee-High Boots

These boots are never going out of fashion. They bring out a modern look even when you wear them with not so special midi dress. If you wear knee-high boots of the same color as your belt it looks even more elegant.

Low Heels

If nothing seems to work, just wear a pair of heels and the day is saved. But many of us cannot handle heels well. For them, low heels are the best option available. It lowers the risk of falling and doesn’t put too much stress on your feet.

Low or kitten heels are no less stylish than high heels. They have all the good perks of high heels minus the downsides. Buy a pair of low heels with pointed toes for drawing attention to those beautiful legs of yours.  


Choose mules for dresses made out of silk fabric. You can wear them with evening dresses. Mules emphasize your ankles. Thus, put on a simple anklet for defining your fine ankles.  

Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you know what shoes to wear with midi dress. Midi dresses were immensely popular in the ’90s but they have created a huge buzz in the fashion world couple of years back. From then to now midi dresses have made their way into our closets.

But no look is perfect without shoes, right? Thus, keep in mind the above-mentioned tips for selecting the best shoes to look sophisticated, modern, and trendy.  


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