Who doesn’t love sneakers? Sneakers are the best shoes that help you create versatile styles from the gym to the night outs. You can prefer a white sneaker with low or high cut with minimal details to use it for any style. 

In this article, we have come up with styling tips on how to wear white sneakers for men. Below are the outfits that can be worn with white sneakers therefore read on to know more to become like a fashion icon!

White Sneakers with Shorts

Shorts are the ideal choice for sneakers, and this combo works well for your gym session. You can also prefer wearing low cut sneakers without socks to show off your ankles. If you choose to wear tailored chino shorts, pair them up with a blazer and a leather sneaker to look cool in your outfit.

What would be the best outfit rather than shorts sneakers combo in hot summer months? You can pair tan shorts with a white or navy t-shirt and a button-down shirt as the second layer to catch the eyes of the crowd. You can also wear the sneaker with a plain t-shirt, shorts and aviator shades to look classy on your next road trip. Moreover, for a casual style, you can pair your knit polo top with white sneakers and shorts. 

White Sneakers with Black Jeans

If you are looking to create a subtle look in your outfit, the simple and easy option is to pair your white sneakers with black jeans. You can wear either a high or low cut to maintain a minimal appearance. Moreover, you can avoid socks and ensure your jackets and shirts are in a similar style. 

However, choose tapered or cropped pants to go well with white basic sneakers. When in doubt, match your white sneakers with black jeans, and it looks great with anything. If you don’t want to be specific while choosing jeans, you can go for the light wash to distressed denim. You can wear a casual basic hoodie and a vest with white sneakers, and the look can be effortless. 

White Sneakers with Chinos

When white sneakers are paired with chinos it creates a classy style, and it is inspired by American culture. If you like to choose an outfit that goes well for your busy day, you can blindly go for a chino with the white sneaker.

Moreover, the jogger pant matched with a cotton t-shirt can refine your fashion style. Also, if you are looking for a relaxed style, choose a casual jacket with a hoodie and an urban t-shirt.

For a smart-casual look, you can pair your white sneakers with chinos with a taper around the ankle. And you will absolutely enjoy the sharp casual outfit look when you pair it up with the button-down shirt. For a sporty look, you can layer a leather jacket over top, and you will cherish the style. 

If you are a minimalist person, we have a suggestion for you to look simple and neat. You can opt for a short sleeve t-shirt with basic accessories. This style is a nice touch of cozy and casualness, and it can elevate your overall look for sure. 

White Sneakers & Skinny Jeans 

Do you still wonder how to wear white sneakers for men? Then pick skinny jeans from your wardrobe to pair them with white sneakers. Since white sneakers make you appear trendy look for double denim for the perfect blend. 

Moreover, if you are looking for a chic look, ignore the denim jacket and choose a shirt and top coat to keep your tones similar. The best way is to select a low cut leather sneaker with your classic denim jeans. 

White Sneakers with a Suit

What could be the finest option to pair your white sneakers with than a suit? So don’t waste your thinking about how to wear white sneakers men. Pairing your white sneakers with a suit is the classic option for a night out. 

However, choose to wear socks with a suit and add the extra things like a waistcoat to complete your look. White sneakers are the ideal choice to create a sophisticated look to bring the best in you but you need to choose a perfect fitted suit and go for neutral shades such as grey, beige and navy. 

Also, go for a casual suit with a shirt style type such as a linen suit than a wool suit. To add more bonding, you can combine the suit with casual stripe tops and a white sneaker. If you like to enjoy a sporty look you can wear a sports coat with a white sneaker, choose some old trousers and chinos. 

Moreover, if you are looking for a casual style when combining suits with white sneakers, you can play it all since there are no rules. You can wear a polo shirt, a plain white shirt, or a closed neck sweater to enjoy the cool look


White sneakers are the effortless shoe to match any of your outfits. But you need to ensure the occasion and styles look extraordinary. Now, you would have some idea after going through the various outfit option mentioned in the article, so no more confusion on how to wear white sneakers men anymore. Take a keen look at your wardrobe to apply the styling tips to look elegant, classy, smart and stylish when you wear the white sneakers for your next holiday trip or even formal meetings. 


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