Loafers can look awkward If you wouldn't choose the right pair with suitable outfit. Therefore, make sure to have a perfect pair of loafers with your favorite dress. In this article, we will explain best types of loafers for women — and you will also know about how to pick comfortable loafer for yourself.

But... first and foremost, Let's discuss what actually are loafers and what distinct them from other shoes.

What are Loafers? 

The loafers are a kind of footwear that can easily slip on and off and you need not worry about laces and any type of fastening. Below are the characteristics of loafers:

  • Low heel or no heel  
  • Laces less
  • Pointed or squared toe

Loafers are more comfortable and timeless shoes. Many celebrities are huge fans of these shoes. You will look versatile and fashionable while wearing them. They are more casual dress shoes. You can wear them for indoor and outdoor occasions, and even at various kinds of events. Keep in mind these tips while choosing perfect pair for yourself:

  • You may wear loafers with skinny or cropped jeans.
  • Go for leather loafers to keep all stuff more formal.
  • Don’t wear socks, if you want to wear then try to match socks with your outfit.

Types of Loafers for Women

Here are the 7 best types of loafers for women:  

1. Penny loafers

The classic penny loafers are fashionable and versatile shoes for women. These comfortable shoes are so stylish that you can wear them with skirts, dresses, shorts and pants. Ladies often wear them in office meetings, classrooms, and even conference rooms. They could be worn even on multiple occasions; women cherish them all across the world and cultures.

2. Shearling loafers

The best loafer for ladies should be soft like carpet on their feet.  His also is the first preference when purchasing any home shoes. Also, comfortable women's home footwear should be lightweight and it should be warm and pleasant.

So, the shearling loafer is great indoor-outdoor footwear that is super chic and comfortable. You can wear this with the loungewear sets or you could wear it with a cuff Jean and a knit sweater that will help let you look so chic.

3. Tassel loafers

A tassel loafer is lace-less footwear that has decorative tassels hanging from the vamp.  

The tassel loafer is casual and formal, perfect for all the seasons around the year.  The tassel loafer can give you a more casual vibe and you can wear the leather tassels with shorts, jeans (without socks).  

You could combine the suede tassel loafer with black blazer and black skinny pants or blue jeans. Moreover, a combo of grey houndstooth coat and light blue jeans would give you modern and versatile look.

4. Pumps loafers

Pump loafers are one of the most fashionable and versatile styles for women. These flat sole shoes have low cut front and they are buckles less and women can easily wear them. Pump loafers look so formal that why women wear them in boardrooms. This kind of loafer is functional and it could be taken off simply.

Stylish outfits look extremely awesome with pump loafers. You can match these shoes with your jackets or combination of cozy sweater and skinny jeans will elevate your look to the next level.

5. Kiltie loafers

The kiltie loafer is a slip-on shoe and has a decorative leather panel enclosing the instep, tassel, and buckle. This footwear has an extended vamp over itself.

Kiltie loafers are more casual shoes and could be worn in any situation. A pair of kiltie loafer is the best choice in your indoor and outdoor condition, friends meetup, business situation, date moments with your special one, and even wedding...

It works perfectly with your favorite dress. Navy coat and black skinny jeans or polka dot coat and navy jeans are great combinations with kiltie footwear.

6. Chunky loafers

Chunky loafers are surprisingly very easy to style. They're very comfortable. You could see a lot of girls on Instagram wearing them. They look super cute, super-nice, and stylish.  You should add them to collection but it's even more important to know what works best for you.

The quality of this footwear is amazing.  They're a pretty good and they're very stunning. Such a classic and timeless-looking piece would look awesome with all pants, tops, and dress. You wouldn't go wrong with high white socks. The chunky loafers look adorable in daily casual as well as walking traction, working, travel, and longstanding...

7. Dress loafers

Compared with other loafers, dress loafers are much versatile. These shoes are flexible and durable for women. The breathable sole of this footwear makes walking, traveling, and driving more relax. If you have any special event such as marriage or even boardroom meetup, dress loafers can work perfectly with your favorite outfit.  

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