First impressions are always important, the same goes for shoes. For most females, high heels are essential companies in their life. Choose the right pair of high heels, and let them make a good impression on your mind, it is beneficial for you to walk in high heels afterwards. We have selected the top four heels from Dream Pairs to help you take your first steps.

Dream Pairs
1.The higher the heel, the harder it is to wear. It is not recommended to choose over-high heels as your first pair of high heels, 1-3 inches is better generally. Just like its name low-chunk, it had a 2.25-inch chunk heel, providing you stability and security. Open-toe design makes it simple and stylish, this pair of block heel sandal goes well with casual jeans, skirts, dresses, etc.
2.If you need a pair of high heels to conquer a formal occasion, ALLANA would be a good choice. Featuring a 2.2-inch clear heel, the shoes are well-designed. Adorned with rhinestone, the wide soft upper is stylish and beginner-friendly. Comfortable latex insole provides stable support. Slip-resistant rubber outsole for sure footing with each step. Rhinestone ornaments designed for an elegant finish, and it is an ideal choice for a party, wedding, or any other formal occasion.
3.Wanna try a stiletto? Try FIONA from DREAM PAIRS. 2-inch kitten heels make it the advanced heels of block heels. It is stable and elegant, suitable for starters who want to try a stiletto. With a back zipper and elastic detail on the inside of the ankle strap, this pair of heel sandal is easy to take on and off. Covered with soft PU leather, the latex insole provides you comfort and support. Lightweight and slip-resistant TPR outsole for sure footing with each step. Available in multiple colors and materials, there is always one pair for you.
4.You have to acknowledge that some outfits do not go well with open-toe sandals, and ANNEE is the right shoe for you to settle this problem. 2.25-inch block heel for stable, closed pointed toe show your elegance. Adjustable buckled ankle strap closure for a secure fit. With a soft and breathable latex insole, this pair of heel pumps is comfortable. It can be a new staple in your wardrobe.


Tips for walking in high heels

  1. Walk Heel to Toe—not toe to heel. This will make your walk look more natural.
  2. Take small steps. Walking slowly gives off an air of confidence.
  3. Visualize yourself walking in a straight line. You’ll walk more gracefully if you look at your goal point.

ALL in all, Practice is the key. If you’re not used to walking in high heels, it’ll feel very unnatural and awkward the first time you try it. But don’t worry, just try and practice, you will soon settle in it and then walk with high heels freely.

So, from now on, from DREAM PAIRS on. Step into your high heels journey!


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